Thursday, May 9, 2013

Moroccan Slate Rug!

Even though we have GORGEOUS wood floors throughout the downstairs of the house, I knew I wanted to get a rug for the living room. My ideal color palette for the house is Green/Yellow/Natural/Grey and Slate Blue. We've got plenty of Green, and Naturals, and Yellow...but not really any of the Blue/Grey.

Inspiration #1 from Pinterest - Jute Rug - Love so natural and warm!

So when I started my internal debate as to whether I should go with a Jute Rug or a Blue Rug, I made my decision pretty quickly! Our living room was really warm- Brown floors, Yellow Sofas, Red Brick Fireplace - it needed to be cooled off and Jute wasn't going to do the trick...

Inspiration #2 from Shopten25 - Love the Bold Rug - mine for the low low price of $1600...

I have stalked tons of different places looking for rugs - and the one thing I learned is that Rugs are REALLY expensive...I didn't really have it in my budget to buy a $500+ rug. But I knew I wanted a substantial rug, not just a floor mat. I finally came across and knew I had hit the jackpot. They were having a 50% off sale and had a wide selection of rugs with fun prints in bold colors - exactly what I wanted! After looking at several different rugs I decided to go with the Homespun Moroccan Trellis Blue Grey Rug.

I had thought about ordering the Rug in Spa Blue, but when I saw it on this blog I decided it was too Baby Blue for my needs...

I was nervous about ordering a rug online, without getting to see the color in person or be able to touch to feel its texture. After stalking it online and reading the comments, the rug had gotten several bad reviews because it used to be called Charcoal (instead of now being called Blue-Grey)...and people were disappointed that the grey was really more blue...I clearly didnt have a problem with this since I wanted a Blue rug to begin with!

I stalked the rug online before it is in Stayathomeista's Dining room

The rug arrived on Tuesday and when I rolled her out I was so excited about the way she looks in the Living Room! It was the perfect pop of color that we needed and has really worked to counter all of the warm tones in the Room! Things are starting to really come together.

I love the look of the rug, but a couple of things to note: The blue wool is a little scratchy. I haven't had the issues with shedding at many commented about online. I did have some issues with, I NEVER received an email confirmation - even after I called and requested one. I also had absolutely no warning as to when the rug would be arriving because I also didn't receive a shipping notification either.  Would this prevent me from doing business again with the company? NO, but it is concerning that the only way I knew the order had gone through was by looking at the credit card statement...

Also note - I am recovering the Ottoman in the foreground and the chair on the right is on Craigslist and will hopefully be leaving soon!

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