Friday, June 7, 2013


Yesterday was our fourth Wedding Anniversary! And to celebrate we went to Annunciation, a restaurant I've been wanting to go to in the Warehouse District. Not surprisingly the restaurant is on Annunciation Street, awkwardly tucked behind the Shell Station that is at the uber confusing 5-way stop where Cochon is located.

The chef at Annunciation is Steve Manning, the long time chef at Clancy's, so several of the dishes served at Annunciation are akin to those at Clancy's like the Brie and Fried Oysters - that were the perfect combination of sweet, salty, cheesy and seafood. It also had a little mound of steamed spinach so you can pretend the dish is healthy. Nothing fancy but so good.

Our second Appetizer was on the very fancy side - the Sea Scallop topped with Foie Gras, served with a Balsamic Reduction and a Spicy pepper relish.  Another perfectly executed dish that had a good kick to it. The Foie Gras was also a great complement to the balsamic reduction.

For Dinner Zach had the Paneed Veal served with Sauteed Crawfish and Cornbread Dressing - the sauce was so good he used our whole dinner loaf of bread to soak up the yummy-ness! I'm not sure if it was intentional but the crawfish on top were room temperature and would have been much better steamy hot!

I wanted something a little "Lighter" without a whole lot of sauce and chose the Lobster and Mushroom Risotto that had a great smoky/nutty taste to it!

Zach as usual had a Liquid Bevy for dessert, while I tried their "Budino" Which was phenomenal. I've never had Budino before...nor had I ever heard of it...and I always feel a bit like a child asking What a dish on the menu even is, but I'm glad I did! Budino is a Italian Butterscotch pudding. The Butterscotch (not an overwhelming flavor) was topped with a thick layer of fantastic Caramel, like the best imaginable Caramel. There was a hefty swirl of whip cream on top that you really needed because of how rich the caramel was, and...the kicker...a generous sprinkle of coarse sea salt that MADE the dish! I licked the glass...and would do it again without even thinking about it.

We will definitely be returning to Annunciation. The food was great, it had a fun vibe (luckily not too crowded because I've seen reviews that it can be packed) and amazing service! Zach also liked that all the waitstaff were wearing bowties...he got several complements on his too!

For our Anniversary Zach gave me these Beautiful Flowers, and has conceded to me getting a monthly cleaning lady! I think its not as much about me but more that Zach doesnt want to help, so instead of listening to me complain he'll give me hired help instead of his....

All and all it was a pretty great Anniversary - I look forward to celebrating many more!

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